Teaching Fashion Illustration and Drawing – Online

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In conversation with:

Ana Stankovic-Fitzgerald, Course Tutor, Fashion Illustration and Fashion Drawing.
Teaching and learning themes: teaching online; internationalisation; communities of practice.
Course name(s); level:  a wide variety of short online and face to face fashion drawing and fashion illustration courses – LCF Short Courses / LCF Online Short Courses;  BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration; and more …
College: London College of Fashion (LCF).
Student Numbers: 20 (each ‘online short course’); 130 (BA Hons Fashion Illustration)
Digital Spaces used and discussed: Workflow (eStudio and ePortfolio); Blackboard Collaborate (Online Classroom).

Key Quotes:

“I’m currently working on integrating my face to face with my online courses” … “I use ‘Workflow’ for all face to face classes as well – not just online courses” … “looking at developing that further possibly with the use of some social media” … “I’m looking at setting up some kind of Instagram where the students can be connected – face to face and online, I think that would be very inspirational especially for complete beginners” … “this year I have students from El Salvador, Japan, Nigeria, Russia, France, Italy” … “I would like to be able to connect my old students with my new students” … “what I have started to do is I am trying to deliver both (face-to-face and online courses) in exactly the same way and so far I think it’s working” … “there’s quite a few face to face students who decided to continue with online courses and now I’m having online courses who are coming to my face-to-face courses” … “you seem to be in constant communication with online courses and maybe you are building a stronger relationship” … 

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