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What do you think?

If you have listened to any (or all) of these interviews / discussions we would love to hear about what you think.

The main reason for this project is to enable academics to discuss the thinking behind their course design and how this develops and becomes interwoven into digital spaces. To explore and reflect on this journey and how it then informs future iterations.

We are really interested in how listening to others’ stories has informed your own teaching and learning – and are keen on your views on how this project could be further developed.

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John Jackson

Developing research skills and reflective practice on Foundation

Direct link to podcast.

In conversation with:

Georgia Steele, Programme Leader; Tim Meara Curriculum Co-ordinator
Teaching and learning themes: research skills, reflective practice.
Course name, level – Foundation
College – Central Saint Martins
Student numbers – 600
Digital Space(s) used and discussed: Workflow

Key quotes: “we quickly recognised the potential (of Workflow) as a space for critical practice and writing …” “ now pretty strong evidence to support more international students getting higher grades now because of the ways in which they are now working …”

John Jackson